Earle and Edna Allen are active and involved members of the Beaufort community, and one of Celadon’s founding families.  They agreed to be our first “Resident Spotlight” and share their story and insights about Celadon.

1. Where did you live before Beaufort? 
We are originally from Chicago where we were in education and business for more than 20 years. We lived in Beaufort for 12 years before we came to Celadon.

2. Why did you choose Celadon?
We were looking to downsize and additionally, we were looking for a walkable community more centrally located to downtown.

3. How does Celadon compare to other Beaufort neighborhoods? 
We love the location. It’s a very short trip to the grocery, shopping, dining, and medical facilities. We also truly love not having the very high dues and fees associated with gated communities.

4. What do you think of Celadon Club Wellness Center?
We love having a facility steps from our front door that offers more than just equipment. We have our choice of fitness classes, routines, and trainers to help us stay healthy and strong. It’s pretty hard to neglect your health with the Wellness Center so close by! One other really special thing about Celadon Club is the staff. They have a special treat jar for our dog, Lucy, for when she’s on a walk and visits. They are always so happy to greet her and give her special attention.

5. What descriptors do you associate with Celadon? 
Beautiful. Interactive. Simple. Relaxed.

Thanks so much to the Allens for their time and their love of this wonderful community!


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