By Charles Richardson—There’s a new school in the Celadon neighborhood. Bridges Preparatory School (BPS) has taken over the education building at Celadon Square that was previously occupied by the Lowcountry Montessori School. “We are excited to have Bridges Preparatory School become a part of the Celadon neighborhood,” says Jonathan Bartlett of Celadon. “As you know, our goal is to provide a dynamic, harmonious community that blends work, play, and wellness to create a convenient, truly unique living experience in Beaufort.”

BPS opened its doors in late August for an enthusiastic group of K-5 and first grade children. To kick things off, Celadon held a Back-To-School breakfast at the Wellness Center for teachers and staff. “What a great way to start the year and our new relationship with the Celadon community,” says Dee Matthews, Chairman of the Board at Bridges. “Everyone at Celadon has made us feel so welcome and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to bring our children’s school to this wonderful, caring community.”

BPS has begun a multi-year relationship with Celadon and went to great lengths to find the ideal setting for these young, impressionable future scholars. “We picked Celadon for several reasons,” says Robert Bohnstengel, Head of School. “First of all, it’s a convenient, location near downtown Beaufort with minimal traffic. There’s no congestion and it’s located in a very desirable location. Secondly, the Celadon neighborhood provides a safe, secure environment for our children. The same reason that families choose to live here, are the same reasons we want our kids here—it’s a wonderful environment. Thirdly, we just really like the people at Celadon, both the folks who work here, and the families who have made this their home. We felt welcome from day one, and we were treated as if we are part of the community. And that’s important. For our part, we want to treat the people at Celadon with the same kindness and respect they have treated us. It’s a great fit.”

The presence of Bridges Preparatory School is a big step toward bringing the Celadon vision for the commercial area on Sam’s Point Road to fruition. It’s truly a destination that adds value to the lives of Celadon residents, the community at large, and the children at BPS.

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