What do today’s luxury buyers want in a community? According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “Luxury Home Developers’ Latest Pitch: Unspoiled Nature” (November 5, 2015), more and more home buyers in high-end retirement and second-home communities value a living experience defined by nature and its unspoiled bounty, rather than golf courses. “People today want an authentic connection with nature and with their community,” says Brian Witmer, Land Planner for the well-established Palmetto Bluff and the new master-planned Celadon Community in Beaufort, SC. “They put a premium on the things that matter most in life: family and wellness. So what you find is that more and more people are seeking a community that is centered around nature, and natural amenities—a place that promotes the type of natural living experience they are seeking.”


Celadon: a haven of natural wonders

Located in the South Carolina Lowcountry—just a few minutes from historic downtown Beaufort—Celadon is a perfect example of this trend toward nature. As a dynamic, walkable community designed to put families in touch with both nature and neighbors, Celadon is free from the congestion and hurry of day-to-day life. “Celadon is a coastal sanctuary,” says Celadon Senior Sales Executive, Jonathan Bartlett, “that features parks, scenic trails, lush green spaces, inviting ponds, and a comprehensive range of wellness-based amenities: a dynamic Town Center, the Celadon Club Wellness Center, a full-service spa, a Junior Olympic-size swimming pool, a tennis court, and more.

We’re seeing a definite trend toward nature. People seem to value a more natural living experience centered around simplicity and wellness, rather than the old country club lifestyle that was often associated with exorbitant golf dues.

— Brian Witmer, Land Planner

One critical thing to understand is that people are not sacrificing the desire or opportunity to play golf or enjoy other country-club style amenities. They are simply choosing not to make it the primary factor when deciding on an ideal community. “Golf courses carry hefty price tags and maintenance fees,” says Witmer. “Many people—even golfers—would rather buy a home in a community that emphasizes more natural amenities and provides a more authentic living experience, one that is simplified, accessible, and in accord with nature. They can still play golf wherever they choose, they just don’t want to inherit the fees that a community course demands.”


The chance to reconnect

As the Wall Street Journal article points out, developers are beginning to understand the notion that it is advantageous “not to develop.” Ironic as that sounds, it’s true. People want to enjoy nature, and the freedom associated with that, in order to live a more holistic life. “The concept,” says Witmer, “is to connect homeowners with a more natural living experience that integrates all facets of their lives. At Celadon, for instance, the overall layout is designed to create a convenient neighborhood that mixes in a town square, parks, green spaces, ponds, as well as centrally located wellness amenities that everyone can enjoy. It’s all right there, in a naturally preserved Lowcountry setting.” Celadon offers today’s buyers what they want most—the promise of an abundant life that is at once welcoming and private, engaging and relaxing, recreational and reflective—all interwoven into the authentic fabric of a nature-based community.


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