The Celadon community on Lady’s Island is excited to introduce the Celadon Innovation Center – featuring 6 office suites for lease.  Keeping in stride with their low impact development plan, the developers wanted to offer an office for lease option that is more in line with the market trends of today.  “A significant portion of the workforce is now comprised of freelancers, independent contractors and employees who just need a place to open their laptop,” stated JC Taylor, Managing Director of Celadon.  “The growth of independent workers is also outpacing hiring within the overall U.S. labor force and most of these folks don’t require the office buildings with traditional lease rates that are cost prohibitive to their everyday work model,” Taylor continued.


The Celadon Innovation center is the perfect location for the small business, start up, retired executive who is still consulting, or the territory sales executive – all who just need a small office and a nice, quiet place to occasionally meet a client.  Today, this segment of the workforce is highly mobile and often times, are working from home where they are forever dodging the comings and goings of their spouses and children.  When they need to meet clients they usually have to meet them in a coffee shop or restaurant that offers WIFI.  


Tenants of the Celadon Innovation Center will be provided high-speed WIFI, have access to a conference room for private meetings, and will also enjoy a membership to the outstanding Celadon Club Wellness Center.  The trend of wellness in the workplace has taken off in recent years and Celadon offers the ideal environment for those who wish to work and then work-out just a few steps away from the office.

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