Prized for their architectural designs, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail in each lovely room these new Celadon Lowcountry homes in Beaufort, South Carolina are breathtaking. 

The Lowcountry design features a spacious porch, tall double-hung windows, high ceilings and large light-filled rooms.  

Choose the home design you love.

When you’ve made your choice from the many designs available, a fresh canvas awaits you. 

Already framed with historical influences your beautiful Lowcountry home now invites your personal touch.

How will you decorate? What furnishings and colors will capture the classic feel of yesterday while embracing the modern design elements of today?

Let’s take a step back to the late 1800’s for some inspiration!

Nature and climate influenced the structural elements of a Lowcountry home so its residents would stay cool and comfortable. Those large rooms and big shady porches were also perfect places for socializing with family, friends, and neighbors. 

One of the sweetest spots to spend an evening was on the porch, sitting in a swing suspended from the ceiling. Holding hands with your sweetheart, rocking a child to sleep, or just having a heart to heart with a friend, the ubiquitous porch swing was a must-have furnishing.

And on a drowsy summer afternoon, the porch swing was a lovely place to snooze.

Other porch furnishings invited relaxation and socializing. A small table and group of wicker chairs were perfect for enjoying a game of cards and a glass of iced tea with friends. Rocking chairs offer a comfortable place to read a book, pass the time or wave to your neighbors as they pass by.

Homeowners painted their porch ceilings Haint Blue – a soft blue-green shade reminiscent of the evening sky to both extend the feeling of daylight and, as the story goes, ward off evil spirits or “haints.”

Inside the home, nature’s colors prevailed – sandy browns, sky blues, watery grays, the soft sage greens of live-oak leaves, and the ever changing hues of the nearby ocean all had a cooling and soothing effect.

Natural sisal or woven cotton rugs on hardwood floors in the living room, dining area, and bedrooms continued the feel of natural elements. Sheer cotton or muslin floor to ceiling curtains gave an airy feel to rooms allowing breezes to circulate and light to enter. 

Chairs and couches had slipcovers of white duck or canvas cloth that would be washed and stored at the end of summer. 

In some homes plantation shutters covered the windows, keeping out the sun while allowing air to circulate. Wide palmetto fans hanging from high ceilings, stirred the air. 

Lowcountry homeowners furnished their rooms with robust, large-scale wooden tables, sideboards, armoires, bureaus and four-poster beds. Inviting living rooms held large comfortable armchairs and settees or couches.

How you can create a Lowcountry home environment that echoes the past.

Today, Lowcountry style continues to draw inspiration from its coastal location where nature’s palette provides beautiful colors for indoor and outdoor decorating. Soft whites and yellows, watery blues and grays, soft greens, delicate florals, and touches of coral are excellent choices for walls and upholstery.

Natural textures in cotton, silk, canvas, duck, and wool provide comfort and coziness. Wicker, rattan, palmetto, and sisal bring nature indoors and balance beautifully with hardwood floors and solid wooden furniture. 

For a modern, yet classic look, furniture can be a mix of antiques and new pieces. Furniture with a distressed finish looks lovely in Lowcountry décor, lending just the right touch of interest and history.

Beautiful works of art, always a personal choice, can bring your room to life. Accessories like colorful throw pillows, a unique wrought iron chandelier, a basket of seashells, driftwood sculptures, and some pots of dark green frothy ferns will give your rooms those homey touches that you love.

Eclectic, formal or shabby-chic – whatever your decorating preference, your Lowcountry home will be filled with light and the serene beauty of nature. With a nod to the past and your personal touch, you have created the home of your dreams.

Relax now, on that porch swing, with a glass of cold lemonade and a good book.

Welcome home.

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