Whatever we lose, 
(like a you or a me) it’s always our self

that we find in the sea.
E.E. Cummings

Once the ocean has cast its inimitable spell on all of your senses, you will be left with a longing to return to it. And choosing to live by the ocean may well be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The residents of Beaufort South Carolina know this is true. They live in what Coastal Magazine calls, “America’s Happiest Seaside Town.” 

Why are Beaufort residents so happy? Because their town is beautiful AND it’s by the ocean! And we humans thrive when we live near water.

Think about it.

Water inspires, heals, stimulates, and soothes us. And it doesn’t seem to matter which body of water you live near – it can be in places like California, Fiji, South Carolina, Hawaii, or Newfoundland. The oceans, lakes, marshes, and rivers of the world all affect the human spirit in wonderful ways.

Imagine Serenity.

A quiet beach, with warm sand and sparkling blue waters reaching far into the horizon, infuses us with serenity and bliss. Think winter vacation. Do you head for the beach? Many of us do.

It can also be invigorating!

Crashing waves and the salty air upon your face can be invigorating – dramatic – mighty, and even spiritual. 

And musical too.

Falling asleep at night to the sounds of water lapping gently and rhythmically on the shore is one of the sweetest experiences known to humankind. 

The bubbling murmur of a meadow brook or mountain stream rushing over stones and rocks is like music.


The Ocean is Mysterious

Exploring the world beneath the ocean’s surface is described by those embarking on that journey for the first time as feeling full of wonder, like an astronaut exploring a new planet. Fascinated, curious, humbled, and incredibly serene. In the words of Jacques Yves Cousteau, “In the deep space of the sea, I have found my moon.”

It’s also super healthy!

Waking each morning with the knowledge that you can, within minutes, be out walking or cycling along the shore and watching the sun as it rises on the horizon is the inspiration to seize the day, every day. You want to get up and go outside!

Breathing saline rich ocean air soothes our respiratory systems, sunshine reflected off the water boosts our Vitamin D levels and the fresh briny scent of the marsh at low tide is unforgettable.

It’s Win-Win for you and the planet!

Being on, near, or in the water benefits us all as humans, but the water also fares well.

To paraphrase marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. from his book, Blue Mind: when our proximity to water enhances our happiness, we pay more attention to the eco-health of our rivers, lakes, and oceans. 

And that eco-health is important because a robust ocean is lavish with its gifts. Ask any seafood lover! Crabs, oysters, shrimp, and fish fresh from the ocean is delicious and unlike any shipped or frozen seafood. 

You’re never bored.

Thousands of coastal dwellers play on the water daily in boats, kayaks, and sailboats, on surfboards and paddleboards. Fresh air and exercise are good for your health.

Beachcombers strolling along the beach know it’s nearly impossible to resist picking up a pretty conch shell, a sand dollar, or piece of sea glass.

When is the last time you skipped stones across the water or searched for sea urchins, crabs and starfish in a tidal pool?

Ocean and river cruises attract travelers worldwide. After all, the world’s waterways lead to distant shores, to adventures and new experiences. 

Wildlife and sea life abound.

Cormorants, gulls, pelicans, heron, and other seabirds fish along the shores and in the salt marshes. The coast is a bird lover’s paradise. The ocean is teeming with fish, sea mammals, turtles and crustaceans. Get out your binoculars and camera.

Think you can’t afford to live near the ocean?

After all, some of the loveliest properties belonging to the wealthiest people are on coastlines. 

Could a little bit of this paradise ever be yours?

We think it can and here is why.

In Beaufort, South Carolina, that happy seaside town we mentioned earlier, you’ll find Celadon, a dynamic, wellness-based community. 

Located on Lady’s Island—one of the picturesque Sea Islands of historic Beaufort—Celadon is a haven for wellness and a retreat for friends and family. It’s a place where life is in perfect harmony and balance. And it’s only minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

We make it easy to create the home of your dreams – choose from our selection of thoughtfully designed custom homes (from $300,000), condominiums (from $400,000), or homesites (starting at $55,000).

Try our Discovery Visit and enjoy a few days and nights exploring the sights, scents, and ambiance of this ideal community. 

Take a look at some of Celadon’s lovely home designs and find out for yourself why choosing to live by the ocean may well be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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