These 10 Activities are accessible and fun, and offer enough variety that you will easily find one or more to enjoy.

You may already be living your best life with daily exercise, a nutritious diet, and engaging social activities. 

Or you may be planning to and just need a little nudge to get you started. 

Perhaps you did start. 

Then stopped.

No problem. 

There’s a lot to be said for New Year resolutions, and there’s a New Year just around the corner.

These 10 activities will get your muscles working, loosen up your joints, and make your heart beat a little stronger. And you can do them all right here in your Celadon community.

  1. Swimming – The Celadon Club has a junior Olympic size pool and it’s literally in your neighborhood. Swimming is excellent exercise but if you don’t like swimming there is…
  2. Water Aerobics! Exercising in the water. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you’ll strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to additional wear and tear.
  3. Indoor Strength Training, Rowing, and Cycling – The Celadon Wellness Center offers you the opportunity to take a tour of the fitness facility with a fitness professional to help get the most out of your workout. During the tour you will learn how to use all of the equipment and will receive a workout folder with your personalized settings for the equipment to refer back to. You can also employ the services of a personal trainer for guidance and support to get you started.
  4. Yoga Flow – This is a flowing style of yoga, open to a broad range of practitioners. Emphasis is on the link between the breath and the postures as the class moves at a steady pace to get your energy flowing. Modifications are offered to make the class accessible to all levels, with variations also available for more advanced students. This practice strengthens core muscles, develops flexibility, and encourages concentration and focus.
  5. The Mix – This is a circuit-based class that is designed to utilize all of your muscles, kick your heart rate into high gear and gain confidence. You’ll never get bored in this class between the continually changing workouts and wide selection of fun music. Come be a part of something great and mix it up!
  6. Walking –Dedicated green spaces and manicured walking trails are perfect for a leisurely or brisk walk and the natural surroundings host a variety of wildlife.  Walking is excellent for leg muscles, cardio, balance, and a healthy way to pick up some extra vitamin D from the sun. Burns calories too!
  7. Bicycling – Take your bicycle out and ride the flat trails and paths or take a ride to downtown Beaufort. Strengthen your leg muscles, improve your balance and get your cardio workout all at the same time.
  8. Gardening – Growing flowers and vegetables in your own garden, or in the Celadon Community Garden, gives your body a full workout. Digging, pulling weeds, lifting, crouching and carrying all help to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and relieve stress!
  9. Fishing – Celadon’s three freshwater ponds or the abundant rivers, creeks and ocean waters around Beaufort provide the perfect setting for you to benefit from the workout fishing provides. Fishing improves balance, burns calories, challenges core muscles, and develops strength. And you get to eat nutritious fish, if you catch one – of course you’ll catch one.
  10. Tennis – If you enjoy a good tennis match, the Celadon clay court awaits you. Tennis is a great way to get some light cardio work in and hone your hand eye coordination skills and the clay court surface is very forgiving on your joints.

You have chosen to live in the perfect place in which to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Our community revolves around a culture of wellness, and its heart is the Celadon Club and its multi-million dollar Wellness Center. Celadon. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!

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