“Just the pure, sheer richness and bounty of the lowcountry seems to know no bounds. It simply is a ripe part of the earth. And once it gets into you—once it takes hold of you—you never feel the same anywhere else on earth.”
Pat Conroy about Beaufort, South Carolina.

As with all choices, there are pros and cons on both sides. This guide may appear to tilt the advantages toward the magic of Beaufort South Carolina’s small-town southern living, but we can’t help that. The lowcountry, as Pat Conroy said “takes hold of you” – so it’s in our blood.

We also know that the right choice in “small-town living” has many big-town perks and we want to share those with you.

Many of us reach a time in our lives where we start thinking about making some changes. Maybe the kids are grown and starting families of their own, or you’ve retired and want to explore ideas and projects you’ve had simmering in the background for years but haven’t had time for.

If you’re happy and fulfilled right where you are, and you can envision the future as a healthy, productive one with you settled contentedly within it as it unfolds, consider yourself fortunate.

But some of us are itching for a change.

So let’s take a look at some of the best reasons for relocating away from a big city.

1. Financial benefits

If you’ve been wondering whether selling your city home will give you enough equity to buy a newer home, at a better price in a small town and have some money left over, the answer is most likely “yes.”

The full answer, of course, depends on how much equity you have and what you purchase in the new location.

A new home in a quality master-planned community like Celadon, Beaufort’s premier address, will not only give you the best return for your dollar, but as South Carolina is in the top 10 lowest taxed states living here offers lower rates in real estate taxes, sales tax, and personal income tax.

Also, the cost of living is not generally as high in a small town, so groceries, entertainment venues, housewares, and restaurants cost less than in urban areas.

2. Health Benefits – Noise

What does research say about health as it relates to living in the city?

The city is noisy – really noisy. Subways, industrial noise, air traffic, and road traffic expose city dwellers to more than 87 decibels of sound, which is enough, over time, to cause significant hearing loss. Ambient background noise at 60 decibels causes stress (high blood pressure and elevated heart rate) as well as sleep disruption and poor concentration.

And sound levels in that small town community?

Crickets can be noisy, especially during mating season, and bird song could possibly awaken you in the early morning. Your neighbor’s dog barking, children laughing as they walk past your house on the way to school – these are definitely considerations for seekers of silence.

If you go into Beaufort there is light traffic noise, horse and carriage noise, music from the bandstand on a summer’s evening, boat horns in the harbour, and sounds of laughter from restaurant patios.

Beaufort has big parades with drums and horns sometimes, but overall the town ordinances keep noise within reason. They like things quiet there.

3. Health Benefits – Air Quality

The American Lung Association report found that across the US there was continued improvement in air quality, but still, more than four in 10 Americans – 133.9 million – live in counties that have unhealthy levels of either ozone or particle pollution, where their health is at risk.

Beaufort SC recorded that 83% of all the days in 2018 showed a good level of air quality.

And, for the eighth straight year, Beaufort County ranked the healthiest of all 46 counties in South Carolina according to the County Health Rankings released in 2018 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

By comparison, large urban cities like New York City and Chicago though showing some improvements in Air Quality, continue to battle unhealthy levels of pollution.

4. Mental Health Benefits

Being close to nature restores the human capacity for self-awareness and improves mental health. While large urban environments cultivate as much green space as possible, there is no substitute for living up close to nature.

Removing the ambient ‘white noise’ so prevalent in the city allows you to hear your thoughts clearly and to recharge without constant distractions.

Beaufort’s fragrant ocean breezes, misty salt marshes, the soft drone of bees and dragonflies, and the twitter of nesting songbirds provide a soothing backdrop for residents of this nature-based community.

Lush green grasses, live oak trees, and flowering shrubs fragrant with the scent of jasmine and roses lift your spirits.

The peacefulness and spaciousness of a small town environment make quiet activities even more serene, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or sitting on the porch with a glass of iced tea and a book.


5. Fear of missing out?

Moving from a big city to a small town could bring on a heavy dose of culture shock unless that small town is Beaufort, South Carolina. With the Beaufort International Film Festival, world-class restaurants, some of the best fresh seafood in the US, art galleries, festivals, concerts, theatres, historical monuments, award-winning universities and schools, and easily accessed quality health care, this “Happiest Seaside Town” has all that a big city can offer and more.

Miss yoga and spin class? Celadon’s Health Club and Spa offers everything you need to stay well.

Unlike living in a large metropolis, Beaufort’s small-town ambiance is friendly and welcoming. People here learn your name, friendships happen, and social activities are everywhere.

Ready to have a look for yourself?

Contact us at 843.379.9095 and find out about booking a Discovery Visit. Three days to explore Beaufort and Celadon, with two nights in your choice of one of three of Beaufort’s finest inns or hotels.

We can’t wait to show you around!

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