At Celadon, We’ve Made it Easy to Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Our community is based on a culture of wellness and its heart is the Celadon Club’s multi-million-dollar Wellness Center. If you are not yet taking advantage of all that Celadon Living offers, we have a few suggestions.

These activities are accessible and fun with enough variety for the whole family to enjoy. They will get your muscles working, loosen up your joints, and make your heartbeat a little stronger. And you can do them all right here in your Celadon community.

Swimming: Swimming is excellent for achieving and maintaining muscle strength and cardiovascular health. The Celadon Club Wellness Center has a beautiful saltwater pool just waiting for you to begin. 

Water Aerobics:  Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you can strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your joints to additional wear and tear. Enjoy water aerobic classes at the Celadon Club three times a week.

Indoor Strength-Training, Rowing, and Cycling: Tour the Celadon Club fitness facility with one of our professional trainers who will show you how to use all of the equipment so that  you get the most out of your workout. You can also employ the ongoing services of a personal trainer for guidance and support to get you started.

The Celadon Club Wellness Center has a variety of yoga and fitness classes to suit your personal needs.

Yoga Flow is a flowing style of yoga open to a broad range of practitioners. Emphasis is on the link between the breath and the postures as the class moves at a steady pace to get your energy flowing. We offer modifications to make the class accessible to all levels, with variations also available for more advanced students. This practice strengthens core muscles, develops flexibility, and encourages concentration and focus. 

Gentle Yoga is a soothing class to calm your body and mind. Gentle stretching and reclining postures allow your body to soften and release tension. There is plenty of quiet space to allow you to focus on your breath and quiet your mind. This is an ideal class for beginners, people recovering from injury or working with physical limitations, and anyone who wants to complement their usual fitness routine with stretching and relaxation. You will leave feeling balanced, open, and rested.

The Mix is a circuit-based class designed to utilize all of your muscles, kick your heart rate into high gear, and gain confidence. Between the continually changing workouts and the wide selection of fun music, you’ll never get bored in this class. So be a part of something exciting and mix it up!

Tennis: Improve your balance, agility, range of motion and bone density by playing tennis.Celadon’s clay tennis courts provide a softer surface that reduces the impact on your joints and back. The ball-bounce on clay courts is slower than on other court surfaces offering a more controlled game which is especially helpful to new players.

Tennis lessons are available for the whole family!

Bicycling: Take your bicycle out and ride through Celadon. Strengthen your leg muscles, improve your balance and get your cardio workout all at the same time. Cycling is an activity the whole family can enjoy. 

Gardening: Growing flowers and vegetables whether in your home garden or the Celadon Community Garden gives your body a complete workout. Digging, pulling weeds, lifting, crouching, and carrying all help improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and relieve stress! 

Go Fishing: Celadon’s three freshwater ponds provide the perfect setting for you to benefit from the workout fishing offers. Fishing improves balance, burns calories, challenges core muscles, and develops strength. 

Explore Paddle Boarding: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (often called SUP) can help lower your risk of a stroke or heart attack. The benefits of paddle boarding are similar to cross-training, running, and aerobics, all which greatly help cardiovascular health. 

Improve your balance and strengthen your core and leg muscles as you paddle your board across one of the many nearby bodies of water.

The Wellness Center complex features many spaces and services to address the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of your health. Our goal is to help you be your best self.

Call us at:  843.379.1088

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