A lush tree canopy covers all three phases of Celadon’s neo-traditional community. Seen from above, the sweep of green stretches across forty acres, all the way from Sams Point Road to Little Capers and the endless wetlands and saltmarshes.

Beneath the canopy lies a carefully planned neighborhood with a diverse mix of single-family homes unified by Lowcountry architecture and all featuring classical proportions and porches.

The word Celadon describes a shade of willow-green, and there can be no question that this aptly named community is one of the greenest developments in South Carolina. Native trees such as cypress, live oaks, pine, and palmetto line miles of manicured walking trails and sidewalks. The area is a wonderland of ponds and parks and even has a nature preserve.

A community garden draws residents to share in planting and harvesting food, and an award-winning Wellness Center “The Celadon Club” is open to the community at large. Members enjoy a junior saltwater outdoor pool, state of the art fitness facilities, activities, events, and a luxurious spa.

Public and private spaces have equal importance, creating a balanced community that serves a wide range of home and business owners. The inclusion of civic buildings and civic space, often in the form of plazas, greens, parks, and squares, enhances community identity and value.

From its inception, Celadon’s development was carefully planned to ensure the highest standards of conservation and ethical stewardship of trees and water as well as the cultivation of a community committed to wellness and quality of life.

JC Taylor, President and Founding partner of Catalyst Group, the developer behind Celadon, puts it simply:

“You can’t separate wellness and sustainability and ecology; they don’t stand apart.”

Celadon’s vision and practice align with the common goals set out in the Lady’s Island Area Plan published in 2018 and devised by The Northern Beaufort County Regional Plan Implementation Committee, a group of citizens, businesses, and government offices concerned about unchecked growth and development in the area. Celadon representatives also worked with the Beaufort Implementation community.

This brief excerpt from the Regional Plan speaks to the ideals and interests of the Lady’s Island community.

The common goals of the Lady’s Island Area Plan are:

  1. Quality of place: Lady’s Island will have a built environment with an exemplary design quality that meets the living needs of its residents through strong neighborhoods and mixed-use business centers built to last for generations.
  2. Connections: Connections tie places together with transportation and other public facilities. Lady’s Island neighborhoods, business centers, natural areas, and water are connected to each other and well served with public facilities.
  3. Protected nature: natural resources are preserved and protected, allowing residents to live in a quintessential Lowcountry landscape with majestic live oaks, marsh views, and river access.
  4. Active stewardship: growth and change of Lady’s Island are managed responsibly by the City of Beaufort and Beaufort County in collaboration with local civic organizations.

Celadon is one of the best examples of how a development can adhere to the highest standards.

The following highlights some of Celadon’s best practices. 

Preservation of trees is critical.

Celadon takes a multifaceted approach to preparing the land for homes and roads. Foremost is the preservation of existing trees. 

Homesites are designed around the trees that are already there. To protect those trees, landscape architects, site planners, and builders, carefully build around the trees on every lot, moving boundaries and lines if necessary.

If it is impossible to preserve a tree, the company replants the numbers of trees equal to the diameter of the tree that was removed.

Stewardship of water and aquifers is also critical.

“We don’t want to divert water to the salt marshes,” said JC Taylor, “so we minimize runoff by using gravel, not cement; that maintains water, and by placing rain guards on each site, we can allow the rain to refurbish the aquifers. 

We also minimize impervious surfaces to maximize the absorption of water. We narrow the roads, so we have less hard-space, and it also forces traffic to slow down.

Our goal is to limit vehicular traffic and encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic.”

Celadon continues to grow; the third phase is underway. It will have a redesigned storm system to retain stormwater and ensure that the water never leaves the site and doesn’t reach the saltmarshes.

According to the Smart Growth Network, responsible developers invest in the community by fostering distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place.

Quality of life is important to our residents who have sought and found in Celadon, a peaceful place with both history and character, a place where they can thrive and grow. 

Celadon’s thoughtful approach to planning and developing an environmentally sustainable community both honors our history and considers the needs of future generations.   

Seeing Celadon for yourself is the best way to experience what we’ve described.

You are always welcome to visit us here, and we are always happy to show you around. 

We’ve made it easy and fun to pay us a visit! 

Our Discovery Visit plan offers you an opportunity to spend three days and two nights in Beaufort at one of three beautiful spots. Come and tour America’s favorite town. Explore the restaurants, the waterfront – enjoy an evening cruise if you like, and also have a guided tour of our beautiful Celadon neighborhood.

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