When the heady fragrance of Yellow Jessamine scents the air and Dogwood buds begin to leaf, we know that spring has arrived here in Beaufort, South Carolina’s favorite Lowcountry town.

It’s time to break out your bicycles or walking shoes and head for the trails, parks, and the marsh for some of the most delightful outdoor experiences the Lowcountry is known for.

A walk near the saltmarshes is a feast for all your senses. The breezes are laden with the tang of salty ocean water and the rich aromas of peat and tidal mud from the marsh.

Step lightly and be on the lookout for wildlife. Animals, birds, and sea creatures are on the move, searching for food, new nests, and mates.

The water is teeming with a smorgasbord of food. Ospreys and terns dive for fish in the shallow water, while the wading birds – egrets, herons, and ibises stand silently and patiently watching for fiddler crabs and other tasty snacks.

Otters, minks, and raccoons feast on shellfish, crabs, and small fishes among the dense grasses. Pods of bottlenose dolphins frequent the marshes as they hunt for a meal of fish and crustaceans. 

The diamondback terrapins forage and lay their eggs here. 

Loggerhead sea turtles begin to lumber slowly from the ocean to the shore to dig holes and lay their eggs, while great egrets soar low over the cordgrass and tidal creeks looking for mates and nesting sites.

Migrating songbirds return in the spring, so watch for the rose-breasted grosbeak, indigo bunting, and scarlet tanager. The trill of Swainson’s thrush song is everywhere in chorus with the lively singing of migrant wood warblers.

Spring is synonymous with growth – renewal – and Lowcountry spring flowers eagerly vie for their place in the sun. South Carolina’s state flower, the Carolina Jessamine, is the bright star of this spring show. Fragrant yellow flowers on glossy green-leafed vines adorn fences, trellises, and riverbanks. 

Fuchsia, pink, orange, red, or purple azaleas provide a stunning blaze of colour in home gardens and parks. Azaleas are among the first spring shrubs to bloom, offering breathtaking beauty and fragrance. 

A perfect spring morning in Celadon would be an early wake-up for breakfast at the Market at Celadon – affectionately known as The Mac. A steaming caramel macchiato and tasty breakfast burrito will fuel your walk through the quiet oak-lined streets, trails, and parks throughout the community which is part of Celadon’s commitment to encouraging the community’s residents’ health and wellness while protecting the health and beauty of the Lowcountry ecosystems.

Here is the place to begin your adventure and to immerse yourself in the sounds, scents, and serenity of this magical Lowcountry oasis. 

Spring is an excellent time to get outside and see the fresh new green grasses leap up from the salt marsh’s muddy flats. Don’t miss it!

Remember to take advantage of the soft-shell crab season, it’s short, so if you love this delicacy head into Beaufort and find a delicious crab sandwich. Briny juicy crab on a toasted bun, with a pile of lettuce, tomatoes, and tangy tartar sauce. Can’t be beat! 

And suppose you’re not yet lucky enough to live in Beaufort County. In that case, it’s undoubtedly time for a Discovery Visit to Celadon, Beaufort’s premier address. 

The beautiful Lowcountry salt marsh trails are a carefully preserved part of our neo-traditional community of Lowcountry homes. 

Contact us today to arrange your Discovery Visit. 

We can’t wait to show you around!

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