You’ll find life is sweeter here. Slow down, relax, and take it all in.

Warm temperatures, white sand beaches, parks, festivals and golf may draw people to South Carolina, but it’s our famed southern hospitality, rich culture, flavorful cuisine and slow living (long before it was a lifestyle movement) that inspires them to stay.

South Carolina sits in the southeastern U.S., nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, the state of Georgia, and North Carolina. Just over 5 million people call this wonderful, unique place home.

While attractions such as Myrtle Beach, Fort Sumter and historic Charleston may take center stage for tourists, that’s only the tip of the palmetto (you’ll see what we mean) when it comes to the delights offered by South Carolina.

1. We’re known for palmettos and y’alls.

South Carolina is known as “The Palmetto State” and you’ll probably see palmettos as many times as you’ll hear “Y’all” (that is to say, quite a lot). The state tree is a small palm (sabal palmetto) that bursts with fragrant, creamy white flowers in summer. It’s so popular that the state seal, flag and quarter all feature the palmetto’s image! A great place to see forests of palmetto palms is Hunting Island State Park. 

2. There’s a place for every pace.

Whether you seek out the bustle of the city or the slower pace of the country, South Carolina has a place for everyone. There are 3 geographical areas, the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge Mountains (known for its Americana charm) and 5 cultural regions, each offering its own special character. 

For a quieter pace, we’re partial to the Lowcountry coastal plain. The historic town of Beaufort, founded in 1711, is located just 52 miles from Charleston. Its antebellum architecture was the backdrop for famous movies including Forrest Gump, Prince of Tides and The Big Chill. (Which we think you’ll agree is some fancy Hollywood name dropping for a small oceanside town.)

3. The temperature is made for relaxing.

South Carolina temperatures are perfect for the gentle sway of an afternoon nap in a hammock and warm evenings on the porch being serenaded by field crickets. The winters are short and mildest on the coast – no snowfall in a season is not uncommon – a welcome reprieve for people who are retiring here from the snowy northern states.

4. Our history runs deep.

South Carolina was settled in 1670 and has a storied past. History lovers will enjoy strolling through leafy streets adorned with 18th and 19th-century pastel-colored houses, plantation museums with grand oak trees trailing Spanish moss, or visiting Fort Sumter which echoes the start of the Civil War. You’ll want to visit Charleston Museum, the oldest museum in the U.S., and the Charleston Library Society, founded in 1748 and still growing today.

5. We love our music and dance.

South Carolina is a twisting, swirling mix of music and dance styles. From the acoustic harmonies of Bluegrass and a bespoke style of rock and roll called “beach music” to the magical footwork of our partner dance The Carolina Shag (it was born here!) we never miss a toe-tapping opportunity to enjoy the beat. 

6. We’re passionate about sports & activity.

We’ll forgive newcomers for thinking South Carolina is all about golf and football. With more than 360 golf courses and the ongoing Battle of the Palmetto State between college football teams the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks, we are known for cheering the small and big wins. We are a state that takes its active and leisure time to heart so if you love swimming, walking the dog, enjoying the outdoors or taking a yoga class, South Carolina offers the warm breezes and wide-open spaces that inspire health and wellbeing. 

7. We love cooking. (And eating.)

In South Carolina, we’re always adding a shake of hot sauce and a dollop of BBQ sauce (mustard-based only please) to our sumptuous food. We relish traditional southern dishes like homemade biscuits, shrimp and grits, sweet and spicy barbeque and funnel cake (is your mouth watering yet?). Our blue crab is world-famous and we’re always game for an oyster roast or a yummy festival like the Oyster Festival in Columbia or the Beaufort Shrimp Festival. But we’re not too fancy about being southern foodies – you’ll see us get just as excited about the nutty aroma of boiled peanuts from a roadside stand. 

Has life in South Carolina piqued your interest? You need to see for yourself.

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