Never Underestimate the Influence Of A Front Porch

America’s front porch may have seen a decline since the 1950s, but this iconic addition to homes across the country is finding its way back into our lifestyles.

Not only are we once again enjoying the pleasures of “porch sitting,” but by adding a front porch to our homes, we are also gaining additional living space and significant curb appeal.

We may have Andrew Jackson Downing to thank for the evolution of America’s front porch culture. In the early 1800’s Downing, the founder of American landscape architecture believed that interacting with nature had a healing effect on mankind, and that front porches brought us closer to nature’s influence and made us more social.

By giving us a place to sit, the porch got us out of the house and closer to the garden, made us visible to the neighbors, and connected us to the community.

Downing also believed that every American deserved a “good home” and planned residences – with porches – for people in every walk of life.  As his ideas caught on so did the popularity of the front porch.

For more than a hundred and fifty years those welcome appendages – whether grand wrap-around verandas, second-floor galleries or simple covered sitting spaces – became the gathering place for families and friends across America.

Porches are America’s lost rooms.

Barbara G. Harrison

These six facts about front porches might surprise you!

  1. Southerners didn’t invent the front porch although they may have perfected it by turning it into today’s welcoming extension of personal life and style. 
  2. The front porch made its entrance in America during the early 1880s when families added them to their homes. In those early days back yards were places to stack refuse, grow vegetables, and locate the comfort station necessary to each home. A front porch offered families a place to relax together after the evening meal. It was also perfect for greeting neighbors as they strolled by. 
  3. Technology almost eradicated the front porch. In the 1940s and 50s air conditioners, radios, televisions, and automobiles arrived. People moved off the porch and inside to be cool and entertained. And those cars in their driveways made getting out and driving around more fun than sitting on the porch. Modern homeowners built patios and decks in back yards for privacy and to escape the noise and fumes of automobiles.
  4. The front porch is making a comeback! It seems we missed that protected space where we could gather, welcome friends, and share our flair for comfort and conviviality. We’re becoming more social, especially as more of us embrace and enjoy our retirement years. And what sweeter social spot can there be than a cool shady front porch?
  5. Front porches are perfect venues for music lovers and traveling folk festivals. Someone noticed that a big front porch looked like a stage and a new musical movement was born. US and Canadian cities are enjoying Porchfest, a musical phenomenon that began with a single porch concert in 2007 and grew to over 100 in 2017.  
  6. The porch has also maintained a prominent place in literature, films, and theatre where, for generations, dramas, intrigues, and romances have unfolded in this ‘room between the outside and the inside.’

Heaven is a house with porch lights.

Ray Bradbury

Five signs you’re in love with your front porch

  1. You understand why your front porch is more of a feeling than a place. Maybe it’s where you curl up with your dog. Where you go to share a secret with a friend. Where you sit to watch the stars come out.  
  2. You head out to the front porch when a thunderstorm is approaching – anticipating the rising wind, the sound of rain on leaves, the sweet fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle in the stillness of the air before that first crack of thunder.
  3. Your porch memories are of late-night talks with a backdrop of crickets, or the squeak of a porch swing as you rocked gently to and fro, and of the riveting book you always put down, open to the page you were reading, while you went inside for a glass of lemonade.
  4. You’re always thinking of plants, pillows, comfy chairs, and flowers to adorn your porch and of new ways to make that space extra special.
  5. You can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have a front porch. You just can’t.

It’s much easier for me to make major life, multi-million dollar decisions than it is to decide on a carpet for my front porch. That’s the truth.

Oprah Winfrey

Look at the ways this iconic architectural gem is enjoying a revival!

As Celadon residents stroll through their beautiful community in Beaufort County South Carolina friendly greetings from neighbors enjoying their lovely front porches are common occurrences.  

Each of the many stunning lowcountry home designs available at Celadon has a porch – and sometimes two or more! Open front porches, screened side and rear porches, and second floor balcony porches are also offered.

Celadon’s community is about life simplified, and brings back that sense of home as a feeling and not just a place.

It includes a diverse mix of single-family homes that create an inviting streetscape unified by the charm of Lowcountry architecture. Complementing the neighborhood are carefully preserved open spaces, designated for community use as parks, ponds, walking trails, and other amenities.  Completed homes and customizable home and homesite packages are available from the mid-$300’s, homesites from the $70’s, and condominiums from the $300’s.

Celadon is located on Lady’s Island, only two miles from historic downtown Beaufort in the South Carolina Sea Islands. 

Find out more.  Contact our office at 843.379.9095 for information, visit our website, and consider a Discovery Visit to enjoy first-hand the beauty and grace that Celadon offers every resident. 

A Lowcountry Spring: Bluebirds, Oysters, and Soft-Shell Crabs

We love all our seasons in the lowcountry but there’s something extra special about spring. From mid-March to late April the lush blooms of cherry trees, azaleas, and dogwoods follow February daffodils. It’s just beautiful. 

There’s nothing like some good food and spring sunshine to get folks out and about in Beaufort, and what could be better than a feast of tasty seafood. Oyster roasts are plentiful as the prime season comes to an end and the delicious soft shell crabs are a big hit this time of year. 

There are over one hundred restaurants in Beaufort and everyone has their favorites, but good- tasting seafood (and everything that goes along with it) is bountiful and can be found at many places in and around downtown. Just follow your nose and remember to take along a hearty appetite!

There’s always something new and exciting to enjoy in Beaufort and April is busy with fun things to do.

History Buffs?

There’s still time to check out the Santa Maria Replica of Columbus’ historic ship – it’s here in Beaufort until April 7 and holding tours daily. If you saw the Nina and Pinta in 2014 and 2017 when they were here, you know you’re in for a fascinating glimpse into history. Find out more at this link. 

How about some Easter Eggs falling out of the sky?

On Saturday, April 13th, the entire community is invited from 10am to 3pm for the second annual Great Helicopter Easter Egg Drop at Beaufort Academy. It’s Beaufort’s favorite Easter Egg Hunt!  A helicopter will be dropping thousands – 15,000 – plastic Easter eggs. The kids will love it. The event is arranging 4 age-specific egg hunts for kids 2 – 10. And there will be prizes. 

Pre-register your children to participate. More information can be found here.

A lot of people are waiting for this one! It’s soft-shell crab season! 

The date for this year’s 16th Annual Soft Shell Crab Festival is on Saturday, April 20th, from 11am to 5pm.

They’re only here for a brief few weeks but these delicacies are not to be missed so make sure you come to the annual party. It’s a lot of fun!

Live music, a classic car show, and the Rotary Club of Beaufort’s Annual Crab Race on Battery Creek are some of the events happening. Clowns, rides for the kiddies, and loads of craft vendors are available, along with a huge variety of delicious eats including those tasty soft-shells.

Learn more about the festival here.

Growing your own?

Avid gardeners likely have seedlings up and even transplanted by now but for the rest of us, the lowcountry temperatures and rich soil means there is still time to start our vegetables out doors. 

Celadon’s community garden is already sprouting some early veggies. 

Green thumbs might want to check the always-reliable Farmer’s Almanac for the best planting days 

Explore the Farmers’ Markets

If you love fresh produce but prefer to buy your locally grown fruits and vegetables instead of growing them, you’ll enjoy Beaufort’s many farmers’ markets. Find a list of markets at this link. 

Here come the birds!

Backyard songbirds are back and considering their nesting options. Warblers, flycatchers, nuthatches, sparrows, and buntings are just a few of the birds you can spot from your kitchen window in the spring.

At Celadon we’re hoping this year for a robust Eastern Bluebird project headcount. We installed fifteen nesting boxes in 2018 and 29 Blue Birds and 17 Carolina Chickadees were fledged . Once we have thirty boxes we will be recognized as a Certified Bluebird Habitat by the South Carolina Bluebird Society. 

These little beauties are a welcome sight throughout the community and our bird boxes are sure to house a host of new families soon. March and early April is the time to clean out your backyard bluebird box so it’s ready for nesting.

And here come some beautiful new Celadon homes! 

While you’re out for that spring walk in the neighbourhood have a look at the new home additions to our community.

Watch the progress of The Chowan ll, which is scheduled to be move-in ready by this fall. This home follows the same floor plan as our model home, featuring three bedrooms and three full bathrooms.  The roomy garage also includes an additional attached, covered carport area.  The kitchen contains GE stainless steel appliances and abundant, customized cabinet space.

Also, take a look at the 2,458 square foot Broad II which will be move-in ready by this fall and will feature four bedrooms, three baths, a breakfast/sitting room and a two-car garage.

We’re expecting to complete construction of the beautiful Morgan, an upscale three bedroom, three bath home will be move-in ready by fall of 2019 and will offer a modern kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, and abundant cabinet space. The Morgan has a two-car garage with a finished, conditioned room over garage.

About Celadon

Celadon is an upscale, wellness-focused, master-planned community on Lady’s Island – five minutes from downtown Beaufort. Celadon offers a charming selection of finely appointed, single-family homes and its walkable neighborhoods demonstrate the best in classic Lowcountry architecture. Significant “green” development, including parks, ponds, trails, and other outdoor amenities encourage outdoor activity and neighborly interaction.  The Celadon Club and its Wellness Center (complete with spa services) provide unmatched opportunities for fitness, health, and wellness.

Find Out More. Come for a Discovery Visit! 

We’d love to show you why Celadon is the perfect place for you in Beaufort! We’ll take you on a thorough and personalized tour of our Lowcountry neighborhoods (where you can check out our available homes and homesites), lovely parks and trails, Celadon Club and more.

Your Discovery Visit rate of $299 per couple includes three days and two nights at one of three of Beaufort’s most iconic and luxurious hotels. 

Plan your Discovery Visit today!

Saltmarshes and Love – The Heart Of the Lowcountry

That heartbeat that thrums throughout the South Carolina Lowcountry – does it come from the daily steady ebb and flow of ocean tides soaking into the spongy salt marshes or from the welcoming warmth of the Southerners who live here?

You know, those folks with their ready smiles and an offer of sweet tea and a plate of warm homemade biscuits? 

Whatever keeps that heart beating, the Beaufort County Lowcountry’s treasured salt marshes sing with life and promise, just like its people, and that’s what makes it home.

When I came to Beaufort I had struck upon a land so beautiful I had to hunt for other words that ached with the joyous, carnal charms of the green marshes that seemed to be the source of all life. Pat Conroy

And like the people who have lived here for generations, the salt marshes are rich with history and complex interconnections. 

The marshes were formed about 12,000 years ago when sea levels rose and tidal creeks formed inland.

Early coastal dwelling Native Americans relied heavily on the oyster beds for both food and shells, which they used as tools.

In the 1600s the Gullah people, relocated from their homes in Africa, began to call the salt marshes home and with a wise understanding of the ecosystem, replenished the harvested oyster beds with shells to ensure there would be future oysters. Oyster babies, called “spats” attach themselves to a shell and begin to grow into an oyster.

The mid-1800s brought rice crops to the area, and rice farmers altered thousands of acres of marshlands with dikes and trunks to help control the ebb and flow of freshwater systems in their rice fields. Today these wetlands provide homes to migrating birds.

South Carolina has more salt marsh than any other state on the east coast – over a half million acres and Beaufort county lays claim to more of it than any other county in the state.

A first-time visitor to this winding shoreline will notice that tall yellow and green grasses dominate the landscape. Spartina alterniflora, or Spartina as it’s commonly known, is one of the only plants that grow in salt water. Spartina has evolved the ability to withstand regular inundation by saltwater and dominates the low marsh to the exclusion of almost all other plants, creating a very unusual habitat. 

Spartina has thick, very tough stalks, well anchored by a root system. The plant’s narrow, tough blades and special glands that secrete excess salt, making it ideal to withstand sunshine and daily exposure to salt water. This rich and protected environment attracts egg-laying shrimp and blue crabs, as well as shallow feeding red drum fish foraging for shellfish larvae and marine worms. 

Birds love the saltmarsh!

The water is teeming with a smorgasbord of food. Ospreys and terns dive for fish in the shallow water, while the wading birds – egrets, herons, and ibises stand silently and patiently watching for fiddler crabs and other tasty snacks.

Only a few species of birds build their nests in the marsh, and they use the thatch formed by Spartina. Marsh sparrows and marsh wrens are common nesters as are the shy clapper rails, which, though seldom seen under their well-constructed nest canopies, can often be heard. Their distinctive call of kek-kek-kek is a familiar sound throughout the marsh.

Osprey would impale the mullets from golf course lagoons, and cobia would lace their way through salt rivers in their own madness to spawn as blue herons hunted in perfect stillness, as hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs gathered to mate in the shallows along Land’s End.  Pat Conroy

There are also some mammals and reptiles in the salt marsh.

Otters, minks, and racoons feast on shellfish, crabs, and small fishes among the dense grasses. Pods of bottlenose dolphins frequent the marshes as they hunt for a meal of fish and crustaceans. 

The diamondback terrapins forage and lay their eggs here and occasionally, alligators hunt in the brackish, less salty areas of the marsh.

Threats to the saltmarsh:

As with all delicately balanced ecosystems, conservation efforts are imperative. 

Now that the complexity and interconnectedness of the marshes are understood so is the value that the marsh brings to South Carolina’s coastal economy.

Federal and State laws govern the preservation of the salt marshes and include studying, monitoring, and minimizing the impact of potentially disruptive elements. 

Coastal land development and the construction of canals and other water-flow modifications are considered, along with various forms of pollution. 

Residents of South Carolina’s coastal regions are invested in preserving the salt marshes for many reasons. The first is love.

Whether from behind a lens, a paintbrush, or a pen, artists have, for centuries, been captivated by the beauty and mystery of the Lowcountry salt marshes. One of the best-known Beaufort County writers, the late Pat Conroy, brought the Lowcountry to life in his many novels. Some of his descriptions are breathtaking to a reader who has never seen the salt marsh, but a Lowcountry Southerner will read, nod, and smile in acknowledgment at phrases like this:

“At sunset we watch the saltwater tides rising with perfect congruence to the rising moon. No matter the time of day, the creek spreads out in the thrown coinage of sunset, bright as a centerpiece in the transcendental green of the great salt marsh.” Pat Conroy

Spring is coming!

Winter is almost over, and it’s a good time to get outside and see the fresh new green grasses leap up from the muddy flats of the salt marsh. Don’t miss it.

And if you’re not yet lucky enough to live in Beaufort County, it’s undoubtedly time for a Discovery Visit to Celadon, Beaufort’s premier address.  

The beautiful Lowcountry salt marsh trails are a carefully preserved part of our neo-traditional community of Lowcountry homes. 

Contact us today to arrange your Discovery Visit. 

Further reading about the salt marsh:

Guide to the Salt Marshes and Tidal Creeks – SC Dept. of Natural Resources

Big city or small lowcountry town? Where will you live your best life?

“Just the pure, sheer richness and bounty of the lowcountry seems to know no bounds. It simply is a ripe part of the earth. And once it gets into you—once it takes hold of you—you never feel the same anywhere else on earth.”
Pat Conroy about Beaufort, South Carolina.

As with all choices, there are pros and cons on both sides. This guide may appear to tilt the advantages toward the magic of Beaufort South Carolina’s small-town southern living, but we can’t help that. The lowcountry, as Pat Conroy said “takes hold of you” – so it’s in our blood.

We also know that the right choice in “small-town living” has many big-town perks and we want to share those with you.

Many of us reach a time in our lives where we start thinking about making some changes. Maybe the kids are grown and starting families of their own, or you’ve retired and want to explore ideas and projects you’ve had simmering in the background for years but haven’t had time for.

If you’re happy and fulfilled right where you are, and you can envision the future as a healthy, productive one with you settled contentedly within it as it unfolds, consider yourself fortunate.

But some of us are itching for a change.

So let’s take a look at some of the best reasons for relocating away from a big city.

1. Financial benefits

If you’ve been wondering whether selling your city home will give you enough equity to buy a newer home, at a better price in a small town and have some money left over, the answer is most likely “yes.”

The full answer, of course, depends on how much equity you have and what you purchase in the new location.

A new home in a quality master-planned community like Celadon, Beaufort’s premier address, will not only give you the best return for your dollar, but as South Carolina is in the top 10 lowest taxed states living here offers lower rates in real estate taxes, sales tax, and personal income tax.

Also, the cost of living is not generally as high in a small town, so groceries, entertainment venues, housewares, and restaurants cost less than in urban areas.

2. Health Benefits – Noise

What does research say about health as it relates to living in the city?

The city is noisy – really noisy. Subways, industrial noise, air traffic, and road traffic expose city dwellers to more than 87 decibels of sound, which is enough, over time, to cause significant hearing loss. Ambient background noise at 60 decibels causes stress (high blood pressure and elevated heart rate) as well as sleep disruption and poor concentration.

And sound levels in that small town community?

Crickets can be noisy, especially during mating season, and bird song could possibly awaken you in the early morning. Your neighbor’s dog barking, children laughing as they walk past your house on the way to school – these are definitely considerations for seekers of silence.

If you go into Beaufort there is light traffic noise, horse and carriage noise, music from the bandstand on a summer’s evening, boat horns in the harbour, and sounds of laughter from restaurant patios.

Beaufort has big parades with drums and horns sometimes, but overall the town ordinances keep noise within reason. They like things quiet there.

3. Health Benefits – Air Quality

The American Lung Association report found that across the US there was continued improvement in air quality, but still, more than four in 10 Americans – 133.9 million – live in counties that have unhealthy levels of either ozone or particle pollution, where their health is at risk.

Beaufort SC recorded that 83% of all the days in 2018 showed a good level of air quality.

And, for the eighth straight year, Beaufort County ranked the healthiest of all 46 counties in South Carolina according to the County Health Rankings released in 2018 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

By comparison, large urban cities like New York City and Chicago though showing some improvements in Air Quality, continue to battle unhealthy levels of pollution.

4. Mental Health Benefits

Being close to nature restores the human capacity for self-awareness and improves mental health. While large urban environments cultivate as much green space as possible, there is no substitute for living up close to nature.

Removing the ambient ‘white noise’ so prevalent in the city allows you to hear your thoughts clearly and to recharge without constant distractions.

Beaufort’s fragrant ocean breezes, misty salt marshes, the soft drone of bees and dragonflies, and the twitter of nesting songbirds provide a soothing backdrop for residents of this nature-based community.

Lush green grasses, live oak trees, and flowering shrubs fragrant with the scent of jasmine and roses lift your spirits.

The peacefulness and spaciousness of a small town environment make quiet activities even more serene, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or sitting on the porch with a glass of iced tea and a book.


5. Fear of missing out?

Moving from a big city to a small town could bring on a heavy dose of culture shock unless that small town is Beaufort, South Carolina. With the Beaufort International Film Festival, world-class restaurants, some of the best fresh seafood in the US, art galleries, festivals, concerts, theatres, historical monuments, award-winning universities and schools, and easily accessed quality health care, this “Happiest Seaside Town” has all that a big city can offer and more.

Miss yoga and spin class? Celadon’s Health Club and Spa offers everything you need to stay well.

Unlike living in a large metropolis, Beaufort’s small-town ambiance is friendly and welcoming. People here learn your name, friendships happen, and social activities are everywhere.

Ready to have a look for yourself?

Contact us at 843.379.9095 and find out about booking a Discovery Visit. Three days to explore Beaufort and Celadon, with two nights in your choice of one of three of Beaufort’s finest inns or hotels.

We can’t wait to show you around!

Enjoy Healthy Living at Celadon

These 10 Activities are accessible and fun, and offer enough variety that you will easily find one or more to enjoy.

You may already be living your best life with daily exercise, a nutritious diet, and engaging social activities. 

Or you may be planning to and just need a little nudge to get you started. 

Perhaps you did start. 

Then stopped.

No problem. 

There’s a lot to be said for New Year resolutions, and there’s a New Year just around the corner.

These 10 activities will get your muscles working, loosen up your joints, and make your heart beat a little stronger. And you can do them all right here in your Celadon community.

  1. Swimming – The Celadon Club has a junior Olympic size pool and it’s literally in your neighborhood. Swimming is excellent exercise but if you don’t like swimming there is…
  2. Water Aerobics! Exercising in the water. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, you’ll strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to additional wear and tear.
  3. Indoor Strength Training, Rowing, and Cycling – The Celadon Wellness Center offers you the opportunity to take a tour of the fitness facility with a fitness professional to help get the most out of your workout. During the tour you will learn how to use all of the equipment and will receive a workout folder with your personalized settings for the equipment to refer back to. You can also employ the services of a personal trainer for guidance and support to get you started.
  4. Yoga Flow – This is a flowing style of yoga, open to a broad range of practitioners. Emphasis is on the link between the breath and the postures as the class moves at a steady pace to get your energy flowing. Modifications are offered to make the class accessible to all levels, with variations also available for more advanced students. This practice strengthens core muscles, develops flexibility, and encourages concentration and focus.
  5. The Mix – This is a circuit-based class that is designed to utilize all of your muscles, kick your heart rate into high gear and gain confidence. You’ll never get bored in this class between the continually changing workouts and wide selection of fun music. Come be a part of something great and mix it up!
  6. Walking –Dedicated green spaces and manicured walking trails are perfect for a leisurely or brisk walk and the natural surroundings host a variety of wildlife.  Walking is excellent for leg muscles, cardio, balance, and a healthy way to pick up some extra vitamin D from the sun. Burns calories too!
  7. Bicycling – Take your bicycle out and ride the flat trails and paths or take a ride to downtown Beaufort. Strengthen your leg muscles, improve your balance and get your cardio workout all at the same time.
  8. Gardening – Growing flowers and vegetables in your own garden, or in the Celadon Community Garden, gives your body a full workout. Digging, pulling weeds, lifting, crouching and carrying all help to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and relieve stress!
  9. Fishing – Celadon’s three freshwater ponds or the abundant rivers, creeks and ocean waters around Beaufort provide the perfect setting for you to benefit from the workout fishing provides. Fishing improves balance, burns calories, challenges core muscles, and develops strength. And you get to eat nutritious fish, if you catch one – of course you’ll catch one.
  10. Tennis – If you enjoy a good tennis match, the Celadon clay court awaits you. Tennis is a great way to get some light cardio work in and hone your hand eye coordination skills and the clay court surface is very forgiving on your joints.

You have chosen to live in the perfect place in which to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Our community revolves around a culture of wellness, and its heart is the Celadon Club and its multi-million dollar Wellness Center. Celadon. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!

Christmas Events in Beaufort SC

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Beaufort, and there is so much happening. We’ve listed some of the most popular events, concluding our list of “things to do” with a recipe for a no-bake boozy bourbon pecan cookie. Enjoy!

Sounds of the Season:

November 29, at 5:30. Enjoy this musical concert hosted by the Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL). Featuring Christmas classics performed live by local artists. Cookie reception to follow and TCL ornaments for sale.
Musicians include Recording Artist and Songwriter Mahoganee Amiger – Vocalist, Jeff Shawd – Trumpet, Dave Skinner – Saxophone, Ed Morgret – Piano, Allyn Perdue –Bass, and Chuck Denier – Drums.

31st Annual Festival of Trees!

This incredibly popular event starts with SNOW Day on Sunday, December 2 at Tabby Place in Downtown Beaufort.

Bring the kids from 11am to 2 pm to enjoy playing in the snow, building a snowman or having snowball fights with our outdoor snowfields. They will love face painting, train rides and more! Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen will also be there to enjoy talking with the kids and taking photos.

And we will have sweets and treats for the entire family!

Tickets and wristbands are available for purchase on-site at Tabby Place.

$3 for children 5 and up, 4 and under – FREE!

Tree viewing will be open to the public Tuesday, December 4 – Thursday, December 6.

The Celebration of Giving Gala

Takes place on Thursday, December 6th at Tabby Place amidst the trees with music, wine, beer, and lots of food from ten of Beaufort’s best local restaurants. Santa will also be in attendance all week to have some fun and get some photos with attendees. Gala tickets can be purchased here.

Feasting, Art, and a Full Stage Musical!

Holiday Sea Island Celebration – A Gullah Kinfolk Christmas Wish. December 7, take in this extravaganza of history, culture, theatre, music, and food at the USCB Performing Arts Centre. Get tickets and more details here.

Beaufort’s holiday season begins on Friday, December 7, kicking off with a Christmas street party.  Shops will stay open late to welcome regular and new customers with special treats. Streets will be closed off for safe and happy wandering (and shopping).

The evening features the City of Beaufort’s Tree Lighting Ceremony, entertainment by community organizations, schools, churches, dancers, and a visit from Santa. Details can be found here.

Saturday, December 8th, starting at 6 pm, is the night for one of our favorite local events, the creative and festive “Stars in the Rigging” Holiday Boat Parade. The City of Beaufort and America’s Boating Club of Beaufort invite you to join the fun as the community gathers along the river in Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park to watch the annual parade of holiday-decorated boats. For more information, check this link.

Christmas Parade! December 9:

The traditional Beaufort Christmas Parade starts at 3:00 pm and winds through the streets of downtown Beaufort. Take the kids and enjoy the floats, bands, community participants, fancy personal cars and trucks.

The Beaufort Symphony Orchestra presents “Home For the Holidays” on December 13 and 16.

This musical event features Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, one of the most famous works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as assorted holiday classics. More information and ticket sales can be found here.

See The Nutcracker Ballet! December 15 and 16.

This timeless classic is a seasonal must for children and adults. Enjoy the sparkle and fun onstage and delight in the grace of exquisite ballet. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Go Christmas Shopping:

Beaufort has markets, fairs, art galleries, and gift shops for every taste and budget. Just head downtown and start looking. We couldn’t choose from among the many venues – they all offer something unique. To get started just click on this website and start planning your route!

Whip up a batch of these easy no-bake Pecan Bourbon Balls and leave a few out for Santa on Christmas Eve! Here’s the recipe from Southern Living Magazine.



  • 1/4 cup butter, melted

  • 4 cups pecan halves

  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt

  • 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper


  • 1 (12-oz.) package vanilla wafers, finely crushed

  • 1 cup powdered sugar

  • 1 cup of the buttery toasted pecans, finely chopped

  • 1/2 cup bourbon

  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa

  • 2 tablespoons light corn syrup

  • Powdered sugar, for coating

How to Make Them

Step 1

Prepare the Buttery Toasted Pecans: Preheat oven to 325°. Toss together butter and pecans. Spread pecans in a single layer in a jellyroll pan; bake 25 minutes or until toasted and fragrant, stirring halfway through. Remove from oven, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, tossing to coat. Cool completely. Store up to 1 week.

Step 2

Prepare the Bourbon Balls: Stir together first 6 ingredients. Shape into 1-inch balls. Roll in powdered sugar or coarsely chopped Buttery Toasted Pecans. Refrigerate up to 2 weeks.

Celadon Living, Beaufort’s premier address, wishes you and your family a very 

Merry Christmas!

Afraid to Declutter? The Secret to Successful Downsizing Is Use To Your Head and Not Your Heart.

Whether you are moving into a smaller home or into a similar size or even larger house, sorting, de-cluttering, purging, and packing are exhausting tasks.

It’s hard to part with belongings you have had for a long time, especially those that have significant memories attached to them.

And the work involved – the decisions to make – where do you even start!


You are not alone.

Books, videos, magazines, and blogs offer a wealth of information to help you de-clutter and downsize your home and life with lists, guides, and “how-to-get-started” advice.

There are even packing and organizing services that will come to your home and do the work for you, but you’ll still have to make hard decisions about what to keep, and what to do about those things you probably don’t need but are attached to. Professional organizers can simplify the process for you because they’ve had lots of experience and understand how you feel.

Most books, services, and organizers offer the following suggestions in one form or another:

  1. Start sorting and packing well before your scheduled move date – this job is going to take you longer than you imagine.

  2. Don’t try to do it all at once. Commit to 2 – 3 hours a day and understand that choosing what to keep or discard can be emotionally challenging.

  3. Go through items by category. You’ll be surprised how many duplicates people find, especially of photos, books, kitchenware, and clothing.

  4. Clothing purges can be liberating! We all have things we haven’t worn in years. Let them go. If you’re relocating to the sunny south, from the frosty north, you probably won’t need that down coat or those snow boots!  Own five black t-shirts? Donate a few to the local thrift shop. There are people everywhere in need of clothing, linens, dishes, cookware, furniture, office and school supplies, and working electronics.  Google or your local yellow pages will help you find services such as shelters, resettlement, and faith-based organizations that will match your donations to the right person.

  5. Deciding what to do with old family photos, films and videos is always a challenge. Before digital and smartphone cameras, pictures and other media were hard-copy only and stored as such, in files, shoe boxes, heavy albums and so on. These days, everything can be digitalized. Scan your photos to a disk or flash drive and give family members each a copy. Film and VHS formatted family videos can be converted to digital also.

  6. Make a floor plan of your new home and decide which of your favorite furnishings will fit in the new space. Modern décor embraces the “shabby chic” approach of incorporating interesting older pieces with newer more contemporary items. Keep what you love but make sure it is going to fit. Your measuring tape will help!

  7. Items that you don’t want can be sold, but a yard sale may not be the best use of your time and energy. Instead, consider an estate auction. Some companies come to your home and photograph all of the items you want to sell. They list the items online and viewers bid on what they want – usually for about ten days. The winning bidder picks the item up from your home under the supervision of the estate sale company. You receive a percentage of the total sale, and some goes to the auctioneers.

  8. When you are sure about things you want to keep, pack them in a sturdy box that is not going to be too heavy to lift. Label boxes with both the general contents (books, stemware, good china, etc.) and the room you want the box taken to at your new residence – bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, and so on.

  9. Keep the things you absolutely love and USE them in your new home. Your beautiful dishes, crystal ware, and softest towels. You’ll enjoy your lovely items daily and have much less to store when you relocate.

The following items are easy decisions:

  • Garden tools: especially if you are downsizing your outdoor landscape.

  • Large appliances: Most new homes come with built-in appliances that are not only space-saving but also probably more energy efficient than what you own.

  • Your kids’ stuff: If you are storing your adult children’s belongings in your attic, garage, or basement, this is a perfect time to ask them to pick everything up and store it at their own places.

Let them know that their snowboards, bicycles, skis, bowling balls, hockey equipment, and old college books and notes will have to live somewhere else or you’ll find everything a new home.

If they don’t have space, they’ll have to decide what to keep and what to discard!

This was one lady’s solution:

A few years ago, a friend’s elderly aunt decided to leave her three-story six-bedroom heritage home and relocate to a two-bedroom condo. She’d raised three children in that house, all of whom were starting families of their own.

Each floor of the vast house held large heavy pieces of furniture – carved bedsteads, mirrors, bureaus, and needlepoint chairs. There was a baby–grand piano, a massive mahogany dining table with twelve chairs, and enough silver to finance the Spanish Armada.

And many sofas.

Cupboards and shelves overflowed with hardcover books, sheet music, precious knick-knacks, framed photos, and souvenirs from years of world travel, dozens of albums filled with yellowing photographs, cooking manuals, and decades of National Geographic magazines.

Walls on every floor were hung with tapestries, oil painted portraits of long – ago relatives, candle sconces, and framed prints.

Because Auntie was an excellent cook in her prime, predictably the kitchen, pantry, and storage areas were stuffed with – well – cooking tools.

Not much of this collection was suitable for a small modern urban condo, but Auntie’s solution to de-cluttering and downsizing was brilliant. If her children each took some of her things, that would ensure treasures stayed within the family.

Would they want her mementos and collections?

A lot of her belongings were valuable, but because there were memories attached to them, she didn’t relish just selling everything off.

As it happened, her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and good friends loved the idea of choosing from among the home’s many treasures. Auntie listed items she would take to the new condo, but the rest of what was there was up for grabs.

Over half of her home’s contents disappeared in a few weeks.

Whatever the family didn’t want or couldn’t use, was sold through an estate sale auction. What didn’t sell went to charities.

Problem solved.

Auntie found later, living in the new condo with her favorite, though significantly pared down belongings, that she didn’t miss all the stuff she’d been so attached to. Didn’t miss it at all.

You may not have as many treasures as Auntie, but however much you’ve collected over the years, it’s probably time to scale it down. And think of all the lovely space you’ll have in your new home!

If you are in the market for a new home, look no further than Celadon, Beaufort South Carolina’s premier address.

We’ve made it easy and fun for you with our Discovery Visit Special. For only $99 per couple, you will enjoy two nights at one of three of Beaufort’s finest hotels, breakfast included!

You can explore Beaufort, America’s happiest seaside town, and explore Celadon too. We’ll take you on a guided tour of our community and our beautiful homes with their distinctive Lowcountry style.

Contact us soon to schedule your visit. This special rate is offered until the end of December 2018.

Your new home awaits.

Celadon Is One of the Best Master-Planned Communities in America

Master-planned communities have, for many reasons, become increasingly popular lifestyle choices both for young families and active retirees.

These thoughtfully planned residential communities evolved from the earliest rustic American settlement St. Augustine, in 1695, to the multi-faceted, amenity-rich complexes available today.

In 2018 the best master-planned communities have a small town ambiance while offering a balance of residential homes, recreational facilities, businesses, schools, and natural environments.

Some planned communities focus on special interests such as golf or equine pursuits, while others, such as Celadon, offer accessible parks and bike paths, a Clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool, spa, and community garden, all of which encourage residents to embrace healthy pursuits, wellness, and social interactions.

Celadon’s South Carolina coastal location provides a mild year-round climate and, the town of Beaufort, was designated by Coastal Living as  “America’s Happiest Seaside Town.”

Coastal Living also said, “The town is known for its historic antebellum architecture, exquisite local cuisine, and rich African-American heritage…then, as any local will tell you, there’s the shrimp, the sweet tea, and the Mandeville-perfumed breezes that imbue the slowed pace of Lowcountry life.”

Beaufort is among the top 10 counties that buyers moved to between January 2015 and March 2017 according to ideal – LIVING magazine’s Executive Report 2017. Some buyers were seeking an investment or vacation home, but the majority (86%) were looking for a new primary residence. Many wanted to live by the coast.

And, ideal – LIVING listed Celadon among its top 100 “Best Planned Communities” for 2018.

Homebuyers purchasing a home in Celadon’s Master Planned Community are assured, not only of comfort, safety, enjoyment, and health conscious activities, but also of value. Homesites are often more expansive than those in urban and suburban areas, while the homes themselves are uniquely designed, beautifully crafted and finished, and customizable by the potential owner before they are built.

Celadon homes, with their charming Lowcountry architecture, are designed and built under a preferred builder program and offer buyers the following options:

  • Purchase a move-in ready home.

  • Choose a homesite and a pre-approved home plan.

  • Have our preferred builders build a custom home of your design. Their familiarity with Celadon’s architectural standards will be an added benefit as you take your dream home through the design review process.

By living only minutes from downtown Beaufort, Celadon residents enjoy the benefits of exceptional health care from Beaufort Memorial Hospital and excellent schools.

Art galleries, music venues, live theatre, film, literary events, and faith services are also close by as are artisan shopping experiences, fairs, fine dining, festivals, and markets.

Good news!

For a limited time Celadon is offering a Fall Discovery Visit Special.  

Only $99.00 for three days and two nights in one of Beaufort’s top hotels while you explore Beaufort’s #1 address, Celadon.

Your $99 Celadon Discovery Visit will include:

  • Accommodation for 2 nights in either the Rhett House Inn, City Loft Hotel, or The Cuthbert House

  • Complimentary breakfast each morning

  • Complimentary access to Celadon Club Wellness Center

  • Personalized tour of the Celadon community

This offer is valid for stays in Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 based on availability.

Click here to book your Discovery Visit Now!

Beaufort has many festivals and events year round. It would be fun to coordinate your visit with one of these great local favorites. Click here to find out what’s happening and when.

Celadon is Growing!

Our beautiful neo-traditional community of distinctive Lowcountry homes is enjoying some welcome expansion as fourteen new homes are currently under construction or in the architectural drawing phase.

Three new spec homes are available to view and purchase.

To find out more about the Celadon building “boom,” we spoke with Henry Vala, one of Celadon’s hand-selected preferred builders and President of Artisan Custom Homes. Mr. Vala, a Beaufort resident for the past thirteen years, has been in construction for over thirty years, with a specific focus on Lowcountry architectural style for the past decade.  He has a well-deserved reputation of excellence.

Mr. Vala described how the long-term planning of Celedon involved “phases” which are being completed as scheduled. The homes are unique and beautifully crafted, with quality materials and workmanship.

“There is a home for every family’s needs and dreams here at Celadon with a library of designs to choose from or the option to customize a project of your choice. You can even design your own.” Mr. Vala said.

What makes Celadon’s homes so affordable, and so sought after?

 “Celadon homes are priced competitively, and our goal is to provide better value within that price point, than our competitors,” said Mr. Vala.

He added, “Celadon has a lot to offer-  a beautiful peaceful environment with parks, trails and mature live oak trees that have been left in place, and it’s just minutes away from the beaches and local waterways, all the cultural offerings, and all that downtown Beaufort has to offer. People love it here. It’s a way of life that suits everyone – from families to retired people. It’s the best of the Lowcountry.”

What brings you the most satisfaction in the work you do?

“I’ve been in this business for a long time – met a lot of people – and made friends with many of my customers. I enjoy working with people to help them achieve the home of their dreams. Quality and craftsmanship are important to me – a customer’s wishes are important to me. And I work with a great crew that shares the same values.”

See Our New Model Home!

Take a look inside one of our brand new model homes in this quick video and view some of the architectural designs available for you to choose from, here.

Special Discovery Visit Offer!

In September we invite you to visit beautiful Beaufort and Celadon only $199 per couple for three days and two nights!

That’s $100 off our regular Discovery Visit rate!

Choose a place to stay from one of our three favorites: City Loft Hotel, The Rhett House Inn, or The Cuthbert House Inn.

Your Discovery Visit Itinerary

First and foremost, you’ll explore Beaufort!  The Rhett House, Cuthbert House, and City Loft Hotel are each steps away from everything downtown (or a quick spin, if you choose to borrow one of the beach cruiser bicycles available to you from the Rhett House or the Cuthbert House).  You can stroll to restaurants, boutique shops, and local art galleries, or enjoy a guided tour of the South’s most impressive historic neighborhoods.

And there’s more! Take a look here.

Get to know Celadon:

Now it’s time to show you why Celadon is the perfect place for you in Beaufort! We’ll take you on a thorough and personalized tour of our Lowcountry neighborhoods, where you can check out or available homes and homesites, lovely parks and trails, Celadon Club and more.

Call 843.379.9095 today to book your visit. 

Lowcountry Summers Are Warm and Sweet – and Perfect For These Family Activities

School is over, and the weather is ideal for being outside. There are so many exciting things for you and your family to enjoy out of doors that it’s going to be hard to choose where to start!

For Celadon families, outdoor activities are an everyday part of their lives.  The community’s carefully preserved open green spaces and parkland with trails throughout invite the exploration of nature to look for birds and other wildlife.

The Celadon Club Junior Olympic-size pool is a favorite gathering spot for members, their children, and grandchildren offering attractively priced summer memberships that include 24-hour gym access, all group classes, kid’s summer camp discounts, spa discounts, and more. These are on first come first serve basis until June 15, or until they are all sold. Call the Club at 1-843-379-1088 for information.

Two summer camps at Celadon – Camp Play for ages 5-11 from July 23-17 and Camp Create for ages 7-11 from August 6-10. These camps are popular and fill up quickly  – call the Club at 1-843-379-1088 for more information.

The Celadon Race Team is all in for the Dragon Boat Beaufort Race Day event on June 23rd.

Even if you don’t want to paddle, you can still support the fundraiser and cheer for your favorite team.

Birding is fun and educational.

The Celadon community’s enthusiasm for the Eastern Bluebird Project is a pretty good indicator of how much we love our wildlife. Children enjoy birds too, so getting them interested in locating different species could be fun.

The Lowcountry coastal marshes are teeming with over 300 species of birds – there’s always something to see.

All you’ll need is a field guide, a pair of binoculars, and sharp eyes. A notebook is handy too, to record your sightings.

If you are birding with younger kids who are new to the idea, let them practice spotting the many birds that frequent your neighbourhood feeders and backyards. Have the children identify the birds in the field guide and make a list of the ones they see.

Some familiar backyard visitors are:

  • Blue jays

  • House Finches

  • Mourning doves

  • Woodpeckers (the petite downy and the red-bellied)

  • Eastern Bluebird

  • Chickadees

  • Tufted titmice

  • Carolina Wren

  • Cardinals

If you venture down the road to the water’s edge, (try the Cypress Wetlands where you can view from the boardwalk) you’ll see a plethora of both seabirds and freshwater varieties. The Cypress Wetlands are also home to ibis rookeries.

Try going in the early morning or late afternoon when the birds are feeding, for the best views.

Some easily found summer-residing wetland birds are:

  • Wood ducks

  • Osprey

  • A variety of wading birds – herons, egrets, the American bittern, ibis and storks

  • Cormorants and pelicans

  • Mockingbirds

  • Thrashers

  • Painted bunting

  • Woodpeckers

  • Cardinals

  • Red-winged blackbirds

  • Rails and gallinules

Along the water you can see dolphins, raptors (eagles and owls), and river otters. On the land side of the boardwalk, you may catch sight of a rabbit or mink, especially if you tiptoe.

By summer’s end your field guide will be weathered and your notebook full of the names and descriptions of birds you’ve found.  Birding can be quite an adventure for many youngsters – and an experience that may be the start of a lifelong interest.

Explore the local markets:

A day of bird watching and walking sure does whet the appetite! Beaufort’s many farmers’ markets have delicious fresh food on offer so take a look. You could get some to take home or eat right there. Many markets have a sit-down barbecue, freshly cooked seafood like crab cakes and shrimp, baked treats, and ice cream.

Farmers markets can be found in Beaufort, Bluffton, Port Royal, and the Sea Islands. Almost every small town has its own farmers market, and they are all worth exploring. Buying locally grown food not only supports our farmers, but it also means your family enjoys the healthy benefits of a vast selection of the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Close to home, and open Wednesdays from 3 – 7 pm, May through October, the Downtown Beaufort Farmer’s Market (West Street) has something for everyone – locally grown produce like juicy peaches, raspberries, blueberries, and fresh vegetables. Sweet corn, watermelon, and tomatoes are in season. Craft vendors sell a variety of artisanal items like jewelry, soaps, textiles, and sweets.

You can also find live entertainment, seafood vendors, homemade bread, cakes, cookies, and cobblers, jarred goods, cheeses, honey, fresh flowers, local restaurant samples, and a host of other goodies.  Everything you find at the market is locally grown, harvested, made or caught.

Atlantic bottlenose dolphins are fun to watch as they race and leap around in the ocean. Watching from a small boat or a catamaran – which is a double hulled sailboat, or zippy Zodiac – a kind of motorized rubber raft – adds to the excitement and brings you quite close to these wonderful mammals.  With any luck you might witness the dolphins “strand fishing,” where they use a team approach to rounding up fish for their meals.

The Beaufort waterways are alive with fish, rays, crabs, dolphins and other sea creatures. As the tides recede, or rise, they reveal how complex the marshland ecosystems are.

Knowledgeable tour guides teach children (and adults) about the wildlife they see, and about the history and ecology of the area.

Some dolphin tours offer fishing experiences tailored to the ages of the passengers on board.

There are lots of tours out of Beaufort to choose from, some for as little as $30.00 an hour.

The Beaufort Water Festival July 13 -22:

This annual mid-summer celebration, now in its 63rd successful year, is one of the South’s biggest outdoor festivals.

The ten-day extravaganza hosts over twenty-four events from bocce and badminton contests, to a children’s Toad Fishing Tournament! There will be a Raft Race, a Bed Race, a Ski Show, Shrimp Boat Tour, and even a Talent Show.

An Arts and Crafts market is open every day, and there are special events just for kids (Kids Day) and teens (Teen Dance).

If you like good food, parades, exhibits, music, dancing, water activities, games, and tournaments, this is the place to be.

For information regarding schedules, tickets, and even more events, go to this link.

We’ve mentioned only a few of the great things to do this summer in Beaufort and Celadon. You’ll find more on the Eat, Sleep, Play Beaufort website.

Home sweet home

However much fun you and your family have exploring, it will be good to get home to Celadon in the evening and settle on your porch with some iced tea or lemonade.

Pass around a bowl of fresh peaches from the market, share the day’s adventures, and revel in the sweetness of a Lowcountry summer.

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